Power solutions for B Battery and other obsolete battery configurations

This product is intended for 67 1/2 volt B batteries. The equipment that this battery is intended for includes: Nems Clarke Field Strength Meter, 1950s portable broadcast receivers, 1940-1950s Geiger counters made by Victoreen and other manufacturers as well as other vacuum tube equipment.

This B Battery replacement will keep your meter running!

*AA batteries easily replaced

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Ideas for new designs are welcome


Replacement for Gibson model SST Guitar Preamp

This preamp has the same volume, treble, and bass controls as the original. The band width of more than 80KHz at -3dB from 2KHz and boost & cut of more than 9dB are provided with the original controls. The connectors are gold plated for the best reliability. If the controls in your guitar are noisy you can send me the complete assembly with the mounting bracket and I will clean or replace the Potentiometers. The board is made of G10 fiberglass epoxy for best reliability. The connectors are the same Molex connectors used on the original board that I worked from. 

The BE85.636.0450.01A is a direct replacement for the MULTIVAC part number 85.636.0450.01 time delay relay

This relay is used in the MULTIVAC model AG6 or AG800 vacuum packing machine. This module will time for 1650msec with a 270K resistor between pins 6-7 or 7-8 and then turn on the relay which has a single pole double throw output. This is made to run from 220VAC 50 to 60Hz. The edge connector is an 11-pin circuit that will fit in the original socket. The power transformer and 5W Zener regulator should be able to withstand short term transients better than the original MULITVAC voltage dropping circuit. Testing has shown that the timing is within 3% of the timing original time delay relay.  

BE5080-1718A is the solid-state LAMP replacement for the HP5080-1718

The BE5080-1718A solid-state lamp replacement module is designed to replace the lamp module E1 in the HP4800A Vector Impedance Meter’s internal oscillator. The BE5080-1718A should also work in the HP8640A/B option 1 variable audio oscillator. The BE5080-1718A has been designed to be mechanically and electrically as equivalent to the original HP 5080-1718 as possible so that it should be a literally “drop in” replacement.